A list of tools used to obtain the data and create the visualisations and analyses posted on F1DataJunkie.

Gephi (homepage)

Cross-platform (Java based) desktop application primarily for generating network chart, though I've appropriated it to generate line charts and geographical layouts with proportional symbol nodes.

Gnuplot (homepage)

Cross-platfrom command line programme for generating simple charts.

Many Eyes (homepage)

Hosted service from IBM for displaying interactive and embeddable charts (using Java), such as treemaps, from uploaded data.

Protovis (homepage)

Javascript library for creating in browser interactive visualisations.

Python - F1 Data Junkie Scripts (homepage)

A set of Python scripts for processing scraped FIA timing sheet data.

R-Studio (homepage)

Cross-platform application providing an inegrated development environment for working with the the statistical scripting language, R.

Scraperwiki (homepage)

A hosted screenscraping service. You can find a copy of my screenscrper code (written in Python) >here.