Saturday, April 30, 2016

F1 2016 Russian Grand Prix - Qualifying Charts

First round of qualifying - HUL set the early pace, before ROS and HAM posted times well ahead of the field, times they further improved. RAI and VET were the best of the rest.

In Q2, HAM and ROS banked laps early on and didn't go out again. VET and RAI again were best of the rest, followed by MAS and BOT.

In Q3, ROS booked his pole spot early in the session following a good opener from VET, with BOT's first lap proving his best, though both laps beat RAI's second, and best, lap effort.

The time based progression chart shows how closely the drivers clustered. The back of the midfield are battling to get through to Q3.

Automatic event detection and text generation spots those drivers who failed to improve their time going from one session to the next.

Going from Q1 to Q2:
  • VET failed to improve their time, recording 96.623 compared to 96.555 (0.068s slower)
Going from Q2 to Q3:
  • ROS failed to improve their time, recording 95.417 compared to 95.337 (0.08s slower)
  • VES failed to improve their time, recording 97.583 compared to 97.51 (0.073s slower)
Rank position changes from one session to the next are shown by the rank based progression chart.

This chart suggests a text report pulling out those drivers who improved their time so significantly going from one session to the next that it allowed them to improve their rank position might be useful.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

F1 2016 Bahrain - Race - Track History Chart and Battlemaps

How the race played out, lap by lap on track - no competition at all up front!

So how did the race look in Rosberg's mirrors?

Hamilton's race was a bit more interesting...

Grosjean had a good race again in the Haas, though Verstappen chased towards the end...

Ricciardo's races are often eventful. So how did it play out today?

Verstappen as ever had a few battles - so what does the chart show for his race? Another few laps, and maybe he'd have taken Grosjean?

Vandoorne an eventful time!

So how did the Williams do? Bottas seemed to spend the last half of the race watching others drive away from him...

...whilst Massa was bravely defending his position for the first third before the race went away from him too...

Still on the to do list? Try to find some way of doing some automated commentary generation based on observations we can pull out of these charts by eye...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

F1 2016 Bahrain Qualification Cut-Off Time Evolution

Charts showing the evolution of cutoff times based on laptimes from FIA timing sheets.

There's an issue though... Perez didnlt make the cut according to the preliminary classification, so was the faster time recorded on the time sheet struck off because he went out of bounds, or because he missed the rolling cut-off guillotine time?

My timebase on the charts is off becuase the clock starts with the first recorded laptime. I could add a guessed laptime on to session elapsed time to account for this initial outlap, but this would still be a most recent bound on the session elapsed time, dependent on when the first car actually went out?

The current cut-off time is also messed up - eg the step-down due to PER's fast final laptime does not actually happen?

I'll try to add in a time guillotine, but it will be approximate because of the estimated elapsed timebase:-(

F1 2016 Bahrain Qualifying Progression Chart

The time based chart shows how close some of the times were, though the chart needs some work on thinking about how best to prevent overlap of labels:

F1 2016 Bahrain Qualifying Session Utilisation

How the teams made use of the qualifying session:

F1 2016 Bahrain FP3 Session Utilisation

F1 2016 Bahrain Sector speeds and Times, FP2

Comparing sector speeds and times for FP2 of the 2016 Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix: