Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tinkering with chart variants...

As I try to tidy up automated chart generation for pushing race reports to Gitbook - - I've also started tinkering with some new charts, such as this variant on the chart to compare the qualifying performance of drivers in the same team which looks at how the drivers in all the teams compared in the qualifying session of a single race:

I'll try to start pushing some of the code to updated chapters in the Wrangling F1 Data With R book too, time allowing... Another reason to buy into that book now is that at some point I want to make a start on a second edition, with a focus on Tidyverse recipes rather than the rather more old-fashioned R the current book contains. Because LeanPub now charge to create new books (at least until an author generates $10k in sales), the new edition will replace the old one at the same URL. (So if you buy now, you'll get the first edition and the second one - if I can find the time to do it! - for one purchase: the LeanPub model means you get all updates for free...)

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  1. I very much like this chart - it needs no explanation. It surfaces the by-team clustering when things go well. If the lines are tall, team owners will be worried. A natural follow-on question is how they finished - I think a nice addition would be to stagger team finish data.


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