Sunday, May 29, 2011

F1 2011 Monaco Race - Race History from Button's Perspective and Webber's Perspective

Here's a quick first post about the race, from Button's perspective. (A link to the timing data as a spreadsheet is available from the Data page on this blog.)

First up, the race history, from Button's perspective:

(I was hoping to post a track guide based on race telemtry grabbed from the McLaren live stream, but the GPS co-ords seem to be a little all over the place...:-(

Here's how Button experienced the race as a battlemap:

Here's a box plot that summarises the distribution of Button's fuel corrrected lap times by stint, excluding pitstop laps and safety car laps:

boxplot(fuelCorrectedLaptime~stint, data=subset(mco_2011comprehensiveLapTimes,car==4 & stoppingLap==0&lapTime < 100),main="F1 2011 Monaco - Race: Button - FuelCorrectedLaptimes by Stint")

Here's the race history chart from Webber's perspective:

And here's how he experienced the race as a series of battles:

driver =2
set title 'F1 2011 Monaco: WEB Battle Map'
plot srcfile using ($2==driver ? $1:1/0 ):3 with line title "Position",srcfile using ($2==driver ? $1:1/0 ):6 lc rgb "purple" title "Car ahead on track",srcfile using ($2==driver ? $1:1/0 ):7 lc rgb "magenta" title "Car behind on track",srcfile using ($2==driver ? $1:1/0 ):4 lc rgb "blue" title "Car in position ahead",srcfile using ($2==driver ? $1:1/0 ):5 lc rgb "red" title "Car in position behind",srcfile using ($2==driver ? $1:1/0 ):8 w line title "Pitstops"

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