Monday, June 6, 2011

BTCC 2011 Oulton Park - Lap Charts

Using timing data grabbed from TSL (Timing Solutions Ltd) from today's BTCC meet at Oulton Park (get the data here, I (think I) managed to generate the following lapcharts (grid positions omitted; first mark is end of lap 1; position count starts with position 1 on bottom row) - note there may be errors (if you think - or know - that there are, please let me know via the comments):

2011 BTCC Oulton Park BTCC Rnd 3:

2011 BTCC Oulton Park Ginetta Junior Rnd 2

2011 BTCC Oulton Park Formula Renault Rnd 2

2011 BTCC Oulton Park Renault Clio Cup Rnd 2

2011 BTCC Oulton Park Porsche Carrera Cup Rnd 2:

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