Sunday, June 26, 2011

F1 2011 European Grand Prix/Valencia - Race - Driver Comparisons

**BEWARE-I messed up a config file and used Monaco settings for the fuel penalty calculations, so the fuel corrected laptime charts are currently meaningless:-( Thanks to @marussiavirgin for pointing it out**

A few quick intra-team driver comparisons plotting rank ordered fuel corrected laptimes against each other using a qqplot; the line is x=y, so points above the line are slower...

First, Red Bull:

Then McLaren:

And Ferrari:

What other comparisons make sense within a team?


  1. How about a stint analysis. We saw Hamilton go fast at the start of his stint and burn up his tyres. Button was smoother, more consistent but ultimately slower. Maybe integrate to find total time gained/lost?

  2. I second Anonymous, stint variations between drivers can be quite revealing.

    If you want to expand on these charts, focus only on "fast" laps (less than 105 s) and color them by lap number.

    That could potentially help us see when one driver is catching on another... Could also be useless as the fast laps might be completly scattered!

  3. Also,

    To make the above graphs easier to read, keep the same scaling on X and Y axis. Also try to make the aspect ratio 1:1. So that 10 "pixels" on X-axis is 10 "pixels" on the Y-axis.

  4. @anon, @henning
    Thanks for the comments; the point about the aspect ratio is a good one - I'll try to find out how to do that....:-)
    As to stint analysis - what sort of thing would be useful? I borrowed a technique from the f1Numbers blog in which shows times by stint: that sort of thing?
    As to looking at times less than 105s, yes, I did look at that... will try to post something on that later today...

    I've also started to explore laptime distriubutions in previous posts:

    Do you think any of the graphs shown in those posts could be useful? What sorts of things are you looking to understand/take away from the timing data?

  5. @Henning ps as to colouring by lap number: a) that's a lot of colours;-) b) it wouldnlt actually make sense in the qqplots shown above. What these plots do is rank each driver's laptime, and then plot rank1 vs rank1, rank2 vs rank2 and so on.

    I'll try pop up a scatterplot showing laptime vs laptime for each lap later today....


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