Wednesday, June 22, 2011

F1 Valencia - Circuit Preview Based on 2010 Race Telemetry

In advance of this weekend's upcoming F1 race at Valencia, here's a quick track guide based on telemetry from the 2010 race, in particular from Jenson Button's McLaren.

Just so we know what's what, here's the official track guide:

Here's an overview of the track from the onboard GPS view; points are coloured according to gear:

Here's another view over the gear changes, based on distance round the track over a few laps:

Here's the throttle setting:

And the brake:

And how does this translate into speed?

If you'd like to see close-up views over any of the corners, and associated graphical analysis of the form used in F1 Canada - A McLaren 2010 Telemetry Based View of How to Drive Turns 13 and 14:The Wall of Champions, for example, let me know which ones in the comments:-)

PS see also: Cosworth Circuit Tracker, Valencia 2011, via @jackschofield

Telemetry data captured (h/t @bencc) from the McLaren F1 Live Dashboard during the race last year, probably Copyright (©) McLaren Marketing Ltd 2010.

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