Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Do - Track Evolution

A features post on the Official F1 site briefly reviews the idea of track evolution: Track evolution - the change from green to mean.

The press-released FIA timing data doesn't provide sector times for P1-3,and only provides best lap sector times from qualifying and the race, so we can't use that data to get much of a feel for track evolution. However, I have been pondering some simple stint models, and I guess 'trackEvolution' is one of the factors that might play a role in that?

In other news, for those of you lucky enough to be able to gain access to academic literature, this might be of interest: Automatic Track Generation for High-End Racing Games Using Evolutionary Computation, Loiacono, D. Cardamone, L. Lanzi, P.L., IEEE Trans Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, Sept. 2011, 3(3), pp. 245-259

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  1. Hi again Tony,

    I'm very interested in the track evolution stuff. Trying to get from FP2 pace to race pace (or even qualifying pace) is going to rely on some reference. Everything I do is aimed at stint pace, but there are some things which muddy the data:

    - fuel saving / engine mode
    - tyre age (degradation on a green track?)
    - test programme (parts / setups)

    Still trying to get times from the live timing - this would give sector data. But concentrating on the race data first.



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