Monday, May 28, 2012

F1 2012 Monaco - Pit Stop Behaviour

A handful of graphics showing how the drivers pitted during the Monaco 2012 Formula On Grand Prix. When did the drivers stop (or at least, pass through the pits) and how long did they spend doing it?
Same chart, essentially, with axes flipped:
How much time in total did each driver lose in the pits (NB maybe better to do a stacked chart here so we can see the contribution of each PIT event?)?
Separate out the times spent on first, second pit stop, etc. Is this a clearer way of separating out strategies? Would it b more useful if bars were coloured according to the tyre each driver came out of the pits on?
Another view over individual strategies. The point size represents how long was spent pitting.
To see the R code used to generate these charts: CloudStat: F1 Race Stats To do in general: tidy up the legends.

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