Saturday, June 9, 2012

F1 2012 Canada Qualifying - Summary

Summary visualisation charts from the qualifying session of the 2012 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.

Session summary - fastest qualifying session laptime versus final position. This chart helps highlight drivers who got a faster time in an earlier qualifying session, and allows you to see where they might have qualified had they managed that time in a later session.

Here's another take on that...

Session summary - this summary chart show fastest laptime recorded by each driver during classification against the time during the session at which they recorded it.

And a more elaborate version:

Session Utilisation:

Breakdown of laptimes by session times:

Breakdown of fast laptimes by session times:

Sector 1 - speed vs sector time:

Sector 2 - speed vs sector time:

Sector 3 - speed vs sector time:

View over sector times, normalised wrt fastest sector time, and ordered by rank:

View over sector speeds, normalised wrt fastest sector speed, and ordered by rank:

UPDATES: Normalised sector speeds:

Normalised sector times:

Sector time deltas to best overall sector time.

See also: F1 2012 Canada FP1 & FP2 charts, F1 2012 Canada FP 3 charts

Source code for the charts available from: CloudStat: F1 Qualifying Charts

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  1. I really like the 'breakdown of laptimes by session times' graphs.


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