Sunday, August 26, 2012

F1 2012 Mid-Season Review - Grid/Classification Analysis

Rather belatedly, I've started looking at some of the results data to date, to try to get a feeling for whether or not teams are making progress over the season compared to other teams.

Here's a quick summary of the the classifications awarded so far, arranged by team. The different colours are used to distinguish the different drivers in each team. (The intention is that orange represents the first (lowest numbered) driver in a team, the green the second. So we see, for example, that driver 1 in Ferrari is outperforming driver 2 (within a column, which corresponds to a race, orange dots tend to be above green dots), and in Mercedes, driver 2 is faring better than driver 1 (green dots higher placed than orange dots).

I have a couple of ideas about how to make the in-team driver comparisons easier to see, but that's for another day...

The next chart shows how each driver fared in terms of grid position vs. final classification. A green line denotes an improvement on position, an orange line shows the driver lost places over the course of a race. Form a quick glance, we see Jenson Button had a few terrible races, (lots of orange) but Perez and Vergne appear to have had some pretty good races...

As ever, comments on how I might improve these graphics, as well as the sorts of stories you think you can see in them, much appreciated...

The source code used to generate the images can be found here.

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