Saturday, October 6, 2012

F1 2012 Japan Qualifying Summary Chart

I've just been playing with a new chart type, a qualifying summary chart that shows the classifications at the end of each qualifying session...

Useful summary, or not?

PS @sidepodcast's Mr C. thought VET should surely be at the top.. Like this?

Here's another way of reviewing the qualifying classifications:
Although redundant, we can also label the positions?
We can then start to think about combining the charts...
I guess the next improvement is to use qualifying time rather than classification as the y-co-ordinate? But that requires a bit of dataframe tinkering and it's too late to start that now...


  1. Like. But I know nothing about F1, so some of this is lost on me.

    Might it be useful to include the drivers' names (where they end up) on a second RHS axis?

    I'm also assuming (probably incorrectly, but based on recognising more names at the top than at the bottom) that the higher you are on the list the better -- and that Jensen Button had a nightmare from which he recovered.

    Why are you running this from right to left?

  2. Like Tufte's slopegraphs.

  3. @mat - I don't know how to get the labels on the RHS - not sure if there is an easy way to do this in recent ggplot release?

    In the bottom diagram, the list is ordered by qualifying classification. So at the end of the third qualifying session, Vettel was first, Button 3rd and Petrov 23rd.

    Button didn't do so well in the first qualifying session, no... The right most column - drivernum, is the number of the driver. Fans tend to know the car number of each driver. which almost always remain the same throughout a season (except when a driver changes team, for example);

    I show the chart right to left becuase the label in the left hand column relates to classification after Q3. I found the chart misleading ordering it the other way. Ideally, x would be ordered Driver, Q1, Q2, Q3 with the y-left showing the drivers ordered by driver number* and y-right drivers order by class at end of session 3; hmm, I guess I could use a geom_text to label each point?

    I also started doodling a tabulated view that this data could be used to extend, or that could be used to display this data:


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