Thursday, November 22, 2012

F1 2012 Championship Going in to Brazil

A quick round up of some of the elements of the races to date...

Intra-team comparison: the dots show the position of the two drivers ("driver 1" in the team is blue the "second" driver s orange; the bar shows the difference between positions in the team. Bar to the left of the centre line shows that driver 1 was higher placed):

As a side-effect, the lack of a green bar denotes that at most only one car finished for the team. The chart therefore immediately makes it clear that Ferrari had good reliability, but the McLarens had quite a few races without a double finish. ALO and VET are also seen to dominate their respective team rankings. HUL has had a good run in his team in the latter part of the season.

Here's another take on that chart - but this time we order the x-axis for classification so that 1st is at x=23 (i.e. better placed is further to the right; winer is extreme right).

Reasons for non-finishes (no data for United States?):
Pit stop performance - delta from best pit times:

Here are the pit deltas from best pit time by race, with a LOESS best fit line to try and pull out any trends:
Here's a close-up of fast pit stops by driver number:

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  1. You seem to be missing Alonso's retirement in Japan.

    On a different note the first table really goes far to show haw both Williams drivers are incredibly inconsistant and how shown little to no improvement this season unlike other drivers where a trend sets in around midseason. and the spots become reasonably close.

    I'd be hiring Mr Bottas and Mr Kovalinnen next year at that team.


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