Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wrangling F1 Data With R - Living Book Release

Earlier this year, I started drafted a book on "Wrangling F1 Data With R". In part this was to explore self-publishing production workflows, in part to try to pull together the various notes and doodlings I've done over the last few years - and to act as a home for further tinkerings.

As projects such as this tend to do, it stalled. But in an attempt to restart it, I've published what I've done to date over on Leanpub in the hope that it'll provoke me to do more...

The book is available in a couple of forms:
  • as a paid for item: if you actually buy the book, the Leanpub model means you'll get access to any and all updates and revisions to it. There is a minimum price point and a pay-what-you-like-over-the-minimum price point.
  • as a preview item: I'm going to be randomly changing the free preview chapters (though I don't know how frequently) so over time every chapter will appear there. On occasion, the whole book to date will appear as a free preview item. If I do blogposts around particular topics (and I'm hoping to start blogging here again, though perhaps not significantly till next year) and those topics a book topics, the corresponding chapters will probably appear in the preview around the time of the post and for a week or two after.
You can find the free preview - and a place to buy access to the living book - here: Wrangling F1 Data With R.

Note that the chapters in the preview and the actual book may still bit a bit ragged and in draft or incomplete form. That's just the way it is... (If nothing else, it'll give you some hints about how a particular chapter might develop...)

At the moment the price is set at the minimum amount to enrol it in the affiliate marketing program. Affiliates get paid half the minimum price of the book. If an affiliate is responsible for the sale of a book at the minimum price, they get paid more than me.

Leanpub also allows coupon based marketing. So here are a couple of offers...
If you think you're deserving of a coupon, let me know...

This is all something of an experiment - in fact, several experiments - so any and all comments and feedback welcome... And purchases, of course;-)

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