Monday, November 17, 2014

F1 Drivers' Championship Showdown, 2014

I tweaked the code for my F1 Drivers' Championship winning combinations explorer to show how many points each driver could win - or lose - by in Abu Dhabi, assuming I've got my sums right.

So if Rosberg wins, he loses the championship by 3 points if Hamilton comes second, but takes it by 3 if Hamilton comes in third.

If Hamilton fails to finish, and Rosberg comes in 6th, Rosberg loses it by a single point. If Hamilton is 10th, and Rosberg 5th, or if Hamilton is 7th and Rosberg is third, Hamilton wins by a single point. And so on.

See the interactive version here.

Elements of this recipe may form part of a forthcoming chapter in the Wrangling F1 Data With R book.

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