Sunday, April 12, 2015

China F1 2015 Race - Rosberg's Perspective

It seems as if Nico Rosberg got a bit grumpy about Hamilton's strategy, as it appeared to Nico at least, of trying to back him into the claws of Vettel's Ferrari.

This is exactly the sort of thing that the battlemap sketches are intended to illustrate - so here's a view of the race, presented as a battlemap, from Rosberg's perspective:

The numbers along the x axis are Rosberg's race position at the end of each lap. The chart shows the time to the car in the race position ahead (Hamilton, black labels, y>0) and the car in the race position behind (y<0, Vettel, black labels) as well as the closest intervening off-lap car in terms of track position ahead and in behind in red.

For more information about battlemaps, see Rediscovering Formula One Race Battlemaps.

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