Monday, April 20, 2015

F1 2015 Bahrain - The Race from Raikkonen's and Rosberg's Perspectives


  1. Nice presentation (would it be possible to post larger versions? - I find them a little difficult to read especially where there are several names close together).

    Interesting to see how quickly Kimi just drove away from Bottas in both the second and third stints.

    1. Agreed - on my to do list is to publish A4 PDF versions, but I don't know how to do that offhand atm! Hopefully for the next race...

      I also messed up the y-limit on the charts above, which compressed the points in the vertical axis too much:-(

      WRT how RAI draws away from BOT and gains on VET in the second stint, to my eye at least (and there are statistical tests that could explore that further) the shapes of the curves are different: the straight line on VET shows a constant gain (N tenths per lap) whereas the arc on the BOT curve shows an accelerating difference between them (BOT loses increasing amounts of time per lap).

      I was considering a model in which for long runs of a single driver on the chart I'd just use their name label on the first point, and then a line through the other points corresponding to them. It's a little bit fiddly because I have to detect those long runs and wrangle the data a bit to get it into a state I can then easily plot it. I'm not sure how natural it will be to read, either? Colour will probably help (eg same colour for driver and line, different colour for different drivers.)

  2. Yes it shows the problem Williams has with deg, I think. The VET catch was a quicker driver in same car.


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