Saturday, April 11, 2015

F1 2015 China - FP3 and Qualifying - Session Utilisation Charts

A quick sketch of the session utilisation chart for FP3:

And for qualifying, using the base practice chart generator:

We can also further augment the data to detect the green and purple laps in the context of a particular qualifying session (Q1, Q2 or Q3) rather than across the all three qualifying sessions taken as a single whole.

One thing I've started considering are toggle views of this sort of chart, that retain the spatial layout but use different labels - such as the gap to the best session time. This sort of approach forces you to think about online versus offline algorithmic approaches to the chart's design. In what we might term an online chart, we can build up the chart as time moves on (that is, we could construct the chart in real time). In an offline chart, we use some property of the dataset as a whole to construct the chart (such as the gap to the best overall time in a session) and as such can only generate the chart once all the data is in...

Session utilisation charts are described more fully in a recently released chapter of the Wrangling F1 Data With R Leanpub book. Buying a copy of the book gains you access to future updates of the book. A draft version of the chapter can be found here.


  1. Great info. any chance of including tyre compound on session utilisation charts? Oh and graphing it all and having filtering options for drivers would be good as well.

  2. @ThinJuzzy82 I don't have a reliable source of data fro tyre info - do you know of one?

    Re: filtering options, charts etc - on the to do list ;-)


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