Saturday, February 13, 2016

F1 Style Racing Games - Formula D

I've recently started looking around for motor-racing style board games in general, and F1 style racing games in particular.

A game that was recommended to me when I visited the IQ Games Centre in Huddersfield over Christmas was Formula D, a dice driven race game for up to 10 players.

The original game provides two tracks - Monaco for single seater racing, and a street track for the tin tops - and a couple of rule variants:
  • the beginner's game is a straightforward race, rolling dice according to what gear you're currently in, whilst taking care to make sure you don't take the right line round the corners and don't take them too fast...: damage is caused by bumping into other cars or having to brake too severely...
  • the advanced game split out the damage into different sorts of points: tyre wear, engine wear, body damage, and so on; multi-lap races give you the opportunity to pit, and cars can be customised to allocate wear damage limits differently to each car. Weather  - and tyre selection - effects can also be invoked in the advanced game.
A wide range of expansion packs, in the form of alternative circuits, are also available.

I've just got my copy of the game, and after watching Tom Vasel's video review, I'm really looking forward to playing it...

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  1. Not a board game, but is a very enjoyable web based team management sim. Full of irritations but developing continuously, and slow paced enough that it doesn't take over your life.


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