Saturday, April 2, 2016

F1 2016 Bahrain Qualification Cut-Off Time Evolution

Charts showing the evolution of cutoff times based on laptimes from FIA timing sheets.

There's an issue though... Perez didnlt make the cut according to the preliminary classification, so was the faster time recorded on the time sheet struck off because he went out of bounds, or because he missed the rolling cut-off guillotine time?

My timebase on the charts is off becuase the clock starts with the first recorded laptime. I could add a guessed laptime on to session elapsed time to account for this initial outlap, but this would still be a most recent bound on the session elapsed time, dependent on when the first car actually went out?

The current cut-off time is also messed up - eg the step-down due to PER's fast final laptime does not actually happen?

I'll try to add in a time guillotine, but it will be approximate because of the estimated elapsed timebase:-(

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