Monday, June 26, 2017

F1 2017 Azerbaijan - Looking for Stories...

It's one thing to watch the race, it's another to look at the charts to try to spot things that may be of immediate interest. So from a quick skim of the charts, which ones jumped out at me?

For a null point starter for 10, the track position chart. From lap 35 or so, we see the race evolve at the front, if nothing else...

In terms of battlemap charts, Bottas has one of the more interesting ones... Can you just feel yourself holding your breath from lap 39 or so...?

Hamilton was casually hassled for the first half of the race (not that interesting, though?) and hassling from lap 30 or so:

So how do Vettel see it? Close fought throughout?

Stroll was battling from the off (but there's a lot of boring safety car stuff in there in the first half of the race?), makes space on MAG behind, and then BOT starts to threaten... Gulp... How much per lap..?

 Looking at the charts, you'd maybe credit VAN with a charge?

So.. the race from Bottas' perspective looks like it may have stories to tell... How does it look from the track concordance perspective?


And what about Ricciardo? How did he go about getting from 19th to the top step of the podium?

Passes on MAG, HUL and STR maybe...? But then he was gifted?

Thinks... it would be really nice to link those two charts together interactively, so that highlighting an element on one chart highlighted the other instances of that driver on the same chart and the other chart?


  1. >>(but there's a lot of boring safety car stuff in there in the first half of the race?)<< Definitely safety car, not so much with the boring :)

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