Saturday, May 21, 2011

F1 2011 Spain Free Practice - Timing Data

Here's a link to a spreadsheet containing the timing data from the three free practice sessions: F1 2011 Spain - Free Practice Timing Data

Columns included:
  • Session (i.e. FP1, FP2 or FP3)

  • Name (name of driver)

  • DriverNum (the car/driver number)

  • Lap (the lap number, corresponding to separate times on timing sheet)

  • Time (laptime)

  • Elapsed (elapsed time in the session, in seconds, as counted from the first time appearing on the timing sheet)

  • Stint (the stint number, identified according to the heuristics described below)

  • Fuel Corrected Laptime (that is, fuel weight penalty corrected laptime within that stint)

  • Stint Length (the number of laps in the stint)

  • Lap in stint (the lap number within the stint)

The heuristic used to identify stints is:
- ignore first "lap" time on timing sheet for each driver;
- end of stint if laptime > 1.5* fastest laptime in that session for that driver

If you do any visualisations/analysis of the data anywahere:
- please post a link in the comments to any related blog posts you publish
- please let me know if you'd like to post your visualisation/analysis on this blog:-)

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