Saturday, May 7, 2011

F1 2011 Turkey Qualification - Utilisation

Here's the session utilisation chart (about) for qualification, offering a macroscopic view over all three sessions in a single chart.

F1 2011 Turkey Qualifying - Session Utilisation chart

Here's a scatterplot of all the lap times recorded in the session, by driver number, filtered to laptimes between 84 and 104 seconds.

For this to be meaningful, I think need to drop the Pitting laps, and group the laps for a driver, using colour or symbol shape, by stint? Or does anyone have other suggestions?

I'm not showing the boxplot - I don't think it's meaningful unless i can find a sensible way of segmenting/filtering the data. In the meantime, maybe a violin plot would work as a stopgap?

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  1. One thing that the session utilisation chart doesn't do at the moment is give any indication of "position", that is, how lap times compare.

    I wonder whether I should use colour proportional to laptime, as well as also placing some sort of marker to identify each drivers fastest time over all, and in the case of qualification, during a quali session?


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