Thursday, June 9, 2011

F1 2011 Canada Preview - Turn 6 & 7 Track Guide Based on 2010 Telemetry

Picking up on the taster F1 2011 Canada Preview - Basic Track Guide Based on 2010 Telemetry, here's a closer look at the telemetry for turns 6 and 7...

You might want to listen along to this technical preview of the race from @ScarbsF1 on 'The Flying Lap' whilst you're doing so...

Hamilton brakes on the approach to 6:

as well as lifting off the throttle:

There's gear shifting going on, although the following diagram doesn't make it very clear...

We get a better idea of how HAM is changing gear from this sort of view (sLap is distance round the track. I forgot to note the distances used to generate the above images, but the range is about the same...)

Here are the brake and throttle, along with gear change highlighted:

A rapid change down from 6th to 2nd, then back up to 5th.

How does that translate to speed?

Finally, let's see what sort of forces HAMilton experiences. gLong is the longitudinal force experienced while braking and accelerating:

This chart shows just how significant the deceleration is:

The lateral force is the force that flings the driver from side to side as they move off the straightline:

So here we see how HAMilton feels himself being flung to the right as he gets onto the line, then the left the right again:

What else do those diagrams show? (Please feel free to add you own thoughts in the comments:-)

Are there any other corners I should be pulling out the data for?

That's it for now: for more race preview information, why not check out Sidepodcast's Canada 2011 Race Information?

Howto - I used Gephi for the track maps, and R for the charts, commands of the form:
plot(rThrottlePedal~sLap,data=subset(HAMfull_can_2010, sLap>940 & sLap<1530),col=NGear,main="F1 2010 Canada HAM")
points(pBrakeF~sLap,data=subset(HAMfull_can_2010, sLap>940 & sLap<1530),col=NGear,pch=3)

Telemetry data captured (h/t @bencc) from the McLaren F1 Live Dashboard during the race last year, probably Copyright (©) McLaren Marketing Ltd 2010.

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