Saturday, June 11, 2011

F1 Canada - A McLaren 2010 Telemetry Based View of How to Drive Turns 13 and 14:The Wall of Champions

Following on from F1 2011 Canada Preview - Basic Track Guide Based on 2010 Telemetry and F1 2011 Canada Preview - Turn 6 & 7 Track Guide Based on 2010 Telemetry, here's a look at the final chicane, turns 13 and 14, based on telemetry from HAMilton's McLaren in 2010...

Here's the brake/throttle profile:

Here's a view over the same sLap (distance round lap) range (throttle data is presented by circles, brake data by crosses):

How does this translate to speed?

Finally, what are the gLat and gLong forces experienced by Hamilton on the approach, execution and exit of the chicane?

So - what do you see in the data?

Telemetry data captured (h/t @bencc) from the McLaren F1 Live Dashboard during the race last year, probably Copyright (©) McLaren Marketing Ltd 2010.

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