Friday, September 23, 2011

F1 2011 Singapore Free Practice 1

Here's a quick visual summary of activity from FP1.

Session Utilisation by car - how the teams made use of the practice session:

The x-axis is the elapsed time during the session. For each driver (by car number), we plot roughly when they were out on track. The gaps in the chart suggest that all the cars were in the pits at the same time on a couple of occasions. In this case, that was for a couple of red flag incidents.

Laptime distribution over the session, by car:

I don't think the distribution summary on the right is particularly useful, because each car might have several stints with a different setup in each stint...

Maybe more useful is to look at how the times are distributed by stint within a team:

Hmmm... the boxplot is not that useful when it summarises just a couple of data poins, but maybe these two charts do work together?

I've also started playing with the documentation framework, looking to see how I could use it to automate the generation of statistical charts like the above from the timing data using the R statistical programming language. The scripts are still a work in progress, but with a few more tweaks I should be able to generate charts like the above, and for each team in the case of the team charts, at the click of a button...

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