Saturday, September 24, 2011

F1 2011 SIngapore Free Practice 3

Here's a round of activity during third practice at the 2011 Singapore Formula One Grand Prix.

Here's how the teams and drivers made use of the session:

Here's a summary of the overall times recorded by each driver, and how those times were distributed:

As mentioned in previous posts, these figures can be misleading, as the cars may have different set-ups during each stint of the race. To get a better feeling for how the cars responded to each setup, we need to do a breakdown by stint.

For example, here's how the times for Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari compare:

This are all over the place - maybe I need to filter out lap times above 120s and replot to show something a little more indicative of actual pace?

To see charts for the other teams, check out the F1DataJunkie 2011 SIngapore Grand Prix Gallery

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