Wednesday, January 4, 2012

F1 2011 Review - Qualifying Sector Times Normalised Against Mean Best Sector Times per Team

Continuing the series of posts trying to get a handle on whether or not we can get an idea of how teams improved (or not) over the course of the season based on normalised sector times, here are a couple of charts where I took the best sector time per race per team, normalised against the mean of the best sector times per team per race.

F1 2011 quali sector times - best time per team normalised wrt mean of best times per sector per team

F1 2011 quali sector times - team best normalised wrt mean of team bests

The intention of this approach is to try to get away from any biases in the improvement cycle imposed by the times set by the fastest team in each sector that was implicit in the charts in the previous posts. But does this approach make sense? And do the charts reveal anything useful?

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