Monday, April 16, 2012

Restarting the #f1datajunkie blog

So it's all been a little quiet here of late, but I hope to soon get back into the swing of posting regulars charts'n'stats relating to this season's F1 races... Part of the delay in posting has been caused by my wanting to recode the routines I used last year to use data directly from the SQLite database I generate on Scraperwiki from a screenscrape of the FIA timing sheets. I made a start on that over the Chinese Grand Prix weekend and hope to push on further with that over the next week or two... To show I am making progress, here's an example from the Malaysia 2012 F1 Grand Prix of the revamped Race Summary Chart:
The black dot is the grid position, the horizontal check mark the position at the end of the first lap, and the red dot the final position. The vertical line is the range of race positions held by the driver. (This is still a work in progress - at the moment, I'm not showing the final position of folk who don't finish on the lead lap...) Note that as well as posts here, I'll probably be posting PDF docs to I've already popped up a copy of JB's telemetry from the the Chinese Grand Prix last year, and I got a note from Ben to say he grabbed this year's data too, so I'll maybe have a look at that with some new charts comparing laps both within a race as well as year on year. If anyone out there is handy with stylesheets for iPad and would like to discuss selecting some of the telemetry map graphics and getting them into a nice swipable, side scrolling iPad theme, please get in touch:-)

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