Saturday, September 22, 2012

F1 2012 - Season to Date - Weekend Session Classifications

A quick sketch showing how drivers were classified across each of the sessions over the race weekend for the races to date:

Each line corresponds to a single driver - the charts show how each driver was classified in practice 1, practice 2, practice 3, qualifying and at the end of the race.

Do any processional races jump out at you (low number of line crosses going from Quali to Race classification)?

The following chart shows how each driver was classified across the weekend sessions over the races to date this season:

The recipe I use to generate the chart plots lines - so if a driver only appeared in first practice, we don't actually get to see how they performed... Any R/ggplot2 gurus know how I can tweak geom_line() to cope with this?

We can also look at the statistical distribution of classifications by session using a boxplot, though I'm not sure it's that useful?
I guess what it does show is drivers who seem to do better in races that in qualifying (excepting drivers at the back of the field who make up places as a result of other drivers not finishing). So for example, di Resta, Alonso and Vergne appear to be doing quite well. Also notice how consistent Alonso and Vettel are in race classification.

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