Sunday, November 4, 2012

F1 2012 Abu Dhabi Ultimate Qualifying Sketches

The qualifying classification is based on the ranking achieved by each car in the last qualifying session they make it through it. WHich is to say, a car that sets the fastest time overall in qualifying in session 2 might only get a final qualifying classification of 10th if they don't perform in the final session of qualifying.

In addition, as part of the timing reports, best recorded sector times for each car throughout qualifying are also published - which means we can calculate an ultimate laptime based on summing the best sector times for each driver.

So if we plot quali sessions times and the ultimate laptimes, what do we see?
 And if we rank the ultimate laptimes, and compare them to qualifying rank, here's what we get:
Which is to to: the ranking on the left is the qualifying classification, and the column on the right shows where they would have qualified if they had put together an ultimate lap.


  1. Just curious, where do you get the data to generate these visuals?


  2. The data is scraped from the FormulaOne website and can be found here:


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