Monday, April 6, 2015

Enriched Session Utilisation Charts

The session utilisation charts described previously were quite simple affairs, detailing the point in practice or qualifying session at which each driver completed a lap. The charts used colour to depict purple laps (fastest lap in session so far) and green laps (a driver's personal best lap in the session so far that isn't also a purple lap) but they did not show what laptime was associated with any of the depicted laps.

However, it is possible to enrich a session utilisation chart to show individual laptimes (rounded to nearest tenth for clarity), once again using colour to identify purple and green laps, and symbols to identify outlaps (laptimes recorded on leaving the pits) and inlaps (laps completed by a driver entering the pits).

The ordering of drivers is still effectively left to chance, being based as it is on an alphabetic ordering of each driver's first initial and surname. However, the chart does provide a way of seeing how each driver made use of a practice session, the extent to which they took purple laps, and the stints within which they achieved personal best (and perhaps purple) laptimes.

By marking outlaps and inlaps, we can also identify stints where the timing sheet appears to suggest that a stint was not completed by a pit event (for example, Raikkonen's or Ericsson's single lap second stints, or Hulkenberg's two lap second stint). In fact, we further note that all those anomalies occur at around about the same time into the session. Checking against live reports from the session, we see that around that time the session was red flagged - which appears to put a stop to laptime recording.

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