Saturday, April 4, 2015

F1 Malaysia, 2015 - Rosberg's View of the Race

Here's how the race appeared from Rosberg's perspective - the chart shows the distance to the car ahead and the car behind in terms of race position (black) and the car ahead in terms of track position (red) if there are intervening cars. The numbers along y=0 are Rosberg's race position at the end of the given lap:

Over the first few laps, Rosberg slightly trails Vettel, just outside DRS range then found himself midfield until lap 14, at which point he is chasing but making little progress on Hamilton. From lap 18, we see, Vettel attack from behind, presumably following a pit stop, and charge past. During the middle part of the race, Rosberg draws away from Raikonnen behind, with Hamilton holding steady ahead, before Rosberg starts to make gains on Hamilton from around about lap 35. After another stop from Vettel and Hamilton(?), in which Vettel retakes the track ahead of Rosberg (?, lap 38), and Hamilton behind, Vettel draws quickly away, and Hamilton catches then passes Rosberg (laps 39-41; Rosberg presumably pits on lap 42?). From Rosberg's position indicator, Vettel presumably overtakes Hamilton on lap 42 to regain the lead. In the final quarter of the race, from lap 42, Rosberg makes steady gains on Hamilton, although there is traffic in between them; behind, Raikonnen is being left behind.

NOTE: it would perhaps make sense to display all intervening cars between the focus driver and the car ahead/behind, although perhaps in a smaller font, to get a feel for just how much traffic may be in the way? Perhaps also need to indicate laps where the target driver pits?

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