Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Playing with Python / Pandas - WRC Stage Chart, Monte Carlo 2017

Whilst many of the data sketches I've produced for the F1DataJunkie blog have been generated using R/ggplot2, I spend more of my time now using the Python programming language, and in particular the pandas tabular data wrangling package.

This is partly why my F1 data wrangling tailed off last year. But new year, and all that, so I thought I'd start playing with a new data set, and a new set of charts - around WRC (World Rally Championship) data.

Here's the first sketch I came up with, described (with code) here - a stages chart for the RC1 cars in the 2017 Monte Carlo WRC rally:

This was generated using matplotlib, and shows the overall classification (across all classes) of the RC1 cars at the end of each stage. The boxed numbers showing the ranking of the driver outside the top 12 (there were 12 RC1 cars registered at the start of the rally).

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