Sunday, May 14, 2017

F1 2017 Spanish Grand Prix - Race Charts

(Chart reading based on not watching race, hearing any commentary from it, or having read any race reports - it's just a reading of the charts.)

The race history chart shows a battle up front between HAM and VET but then not much action until the battle for the last few points between two cars for 7th and three cars for ninth until the last few laps. The dip around lap 35 or so suggests a safety car?

The track history chart shows the paucity of cars finishing the race on the lead lap, with multiple cars two laps behind the leaders.

The battlemap for HAM shows him trailing, but keeping pace with, VET for the first 13 laps, drawing awy from BOT at the same time, taking the lead as VET pitted.
At lap 22, with the race history chart showing HAM pitting (I need to add pit events to the track charts...), HAM he made significant ground on VET before VET regained the pace. On lap 44 or so, HAM, regained the lead, then slowly started to open up a small gap before what look like a couple of attempts by VET in the last few laps to make ground before falling back again in the presence of backmarkers.

From VET's point of view, we see him leading from HAM at the start, then chasing down BOT at a rate of knots after pitting.

After passing BOT, he had a quick dance with HAM?, he managed to pull away from HAM until the safety car(?). Did HAM make a pass after the safety car(?)? From lap 16 or so we also see the presence of back markers.

The track concordance chart for HAM shows him keeping pace with the car in front (VET) at the start while pulling away from BOT in third at just under a second a lap and the car in fourth by about 20/15 seconds a lap. In the closing laps, we see how the backmarkers appear to have knocked VET back.

The track concordance chart for VET shows his pace in laps 15-20 chasing down BOT and how he lost out to HAM between lapps 45 to 55 or so.

Having a quick look at GRO's race, we see him battling with SAI in the first part of the race, and KVY in the last third as RIC bears down on him like a steam train. (I can almost hear  RIC getting shouting with KVY!) Note to self- need to fix the battlemap colours...two factors are 1 and 2 laps behind and need lap(s) ahead/behind colour style cf track concordance chart.)
KVY's battlemap shows how he was further sandwiched between GRO and MAG in the latter part of the race before MAG fell out of the picture.
From SAI's perspective, we seem him battling directly with MAG in the early part of the race, with GRO biting at his heels, and with WEH for the last half as MAG tailed off then dropped from view.
From WEH's battlemap, he doesn't seem to have had much rest, being largely sandwiched closely from behind, but too far ahead to make for any racing challengin for a better position ahead, for pretty much the whole race.

STR looks to have had an interesting race. Hassled by ERI early on as WEH made a small gap, he then chased down ALO but couldn't get close enough to make a pass. Instead, ERI hunted him down and made the pass. He then chased down ALO for a second time, this time making the pass, and did the same with ERI, who then sat in in his mirrors as KVY pulled away quite a bit further up the road. At lap 42, ERI broke past and charged away.
 PER seems to have just been having something of a solo Sunday drive..

On the other hand, ALO had to work for the first three quarters of the race before having a pacey chase down of MAS in the last third.
ALO's track concordance chart is too messy to reveal much?


  1. Correct about the safety car, KMag and Alonso's race being messy. Also about most of the action being the front two.

  2. On Alonso's concordance map you can see how towards the end he unlaps himself from Perez, starts dropping him fast but then has big back-and-forth swings in the last four laps. That was him going for a fastest lap, taking a cooldown lap between attempts. He wasn't that far from getting it either: 1:23.894 compared to the actual FL by Lewis, a 1:23.593.

    I didn't catch this during the race. Such a shame it didn't work out, could have been a nice consolation prize at his home race.

    1. That's a really nice spot - thanks for pointing it out... One thing I need to do is look for straight line segments relating to individual drivers and then grabbing the gradient so we can see the (constant) rate time gained/lost per lap by comparison.

      In terms of reading the charts, this adds perceived lines sloping up to the right, and sloping down to the right, as well as patterns to the left (cars ahead) and the right (cars behind) on the chart. So:

      - up to the right on the left: gaining on a car ahead;
      - up to the right on the right: drawing away from a car behind;
      - down to the right on the left: losing ground on a car ahead;
      - down to the right on the right: being chased down by a car behind.

  3. Do they have something like this in Nascar


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