Friday, May 20, 2011

F1 2011 Spain Free Practice 1 - Utilisation

A quick overview of how the teams made use of Free Practice 1. Session time progresses round the donut with a start time corresponding to the earliest time recorded on the timing sheet, and the end time corresponding to the time the final recorded time. Each team's graphic shows the activity of both drivers, with driver 1 on the outside and driver 2 on the inside. Segments get hotter/redder the faster they are (I need to find out how to suppress the colour in the first segment - the time to emergence (that is, the time in seconds the car appeared after the appearance of the first car on the timing sheet).

F1 2011 SPain Free Practice 1 utilisation

A quick glimpse over the chart as a whole show the Red Bulls appear to be in good form, along with Massa and maybe even the Mercedes?

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