Saturday, September 22, 2012

F1 2012 Singapore P3 Comparisons

Time differences between each driver's best sector times in third practice compared to the best overall sector time:
Comparing deltas compared to best overall sector time with sector based classification:
Summed deltas from best overall sector times:

Another comparison of sector times deltas compared to the best overall sector time:
Speed trap comparison:

Intra-team sector delta to best overal sector time comparisons:
Differences between personal classified time and team ultimate laptime:
(I need to check the code on this one - eg we could imagine the fatset ultimate comparing the ultimate lap of each driver in the team, or we might imagine constructing an artificial ultimate team lap based on the best sector time recorded in each team for each sector.)
Here's how the drivers compare within a team - the size of the bar gives the differences between the sector times of drivers within the same team. If the bar goes to the left, "driver 1" has gone faster than "driver 2".

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