Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rebasing WRC Stage Split Times - How Elfyn Evans Lost Time on Stage 3 of the Monte Carlo 2017 WRC Rally

As well as visualising split times within a stage relative to the first car passing through the stage (for example, WRC Rally Stage Reports - Split Times (stage 3, Monte Carlo 2017), we can also rebase the split times relative to the times recorded through the stage by any particular driver.

For example, rebasing split times for stage 3 of the Monte Carlo 2017 rally relative to Elfyn Evans' times shows how he lost time relative to everyone except Ogier and Serderidis on the first split, but then continued to lost time at a more or less constant rate over the remaining splits to everyone except Serderidis, who had a spectacularly miserable time.

Note also how this chart is further annotated using colour to highlight the times of a specified driver (which need not be the driver relative to whose times the other drivers' deltas are calculated).

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